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About Capoor Cattery

I have been a cat lover and owner all of my life, although I started breeding just 2 years ago. My first cat, Crystal, introduced me to the joys of owning a Himalayan cat (or shall I say being owned by a Himalayan!) and from there on in I was hooked.

I breed only healthy, mature, FeLv negative cats. Every new cat that is brought into my home is first tested for feline leukemia and totally checked out by my Vet before I would consider breeding her. I do not cage my cats. They have the run of my home and interact freely with my family and my dogs. (I own 2) Every kitten is born in my bedroom where it will live until it is around 5 weeks old. At this point I move the kittens (with Mom, of course) into a special room just for them where they have all the toys and climbing posts that they need to enjoy hours upon hours of fun. My family regularly visits and plays with the kittens in their special room. I find keeping them in a small room like this works well for litter box training because the room is not so large that the kittens can't find the box when they really need it!

All of my cats are registered with TICA or CFA. My cattery is registered with CFA. Because of the type of cats that I breed (mainly doll-faced, traditional Himalayans) I do not show my cats. All kittens that I sell are for pet only and are sold under a spay/neuter contract. A pet quality kitten is priced at $350.00 and would be ready to leave my home by the age of 12 weeks. The kittens are fully vaccinated and dewormed by this age.

Favorite Cat Names

Shawnigan Rose (the name of my new kitten)
China Doll

I am always looking for new names for my cats. If you have any original names please contact me. I would love to hear from you! (Please go to my Contact page)